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This is “Will Continue To Monitor” a podcast hosted by Ben & Tom from Just Some Podcast. They will look a creepy cases and mysteries and lay out the facts and then some speculation about the case.

They have experience in emergency medicine, law enforcement, forensics, and emergency preparedness.

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Oakville Blobs Will Continue To Monitor

While rain in Washington state is certainly not unusual, the rain that fell over Oakville, Washington in 1994 was unusual.  It appeared to be globular blobs about the size of half a grain of rice.  The blobs were first reported by a police officer patrolling as his windshield wipers smeared the globs.  Numerous townspeople reported the blobs in their yard and on buildings.  The concerning part seemed that anyone that came into contact with the blobs developed an unexplained illness.  The blobs were taken to a research lab to be studied where they determined they housed two types of bacteria.  When researchers went to study them further, their samples had disappeared and they were told not to ask any more questions.  What caused the Oakville Blobs?  Was it a strange blob rain or something more sinister?  Or was this a government project gone wrong?  Join Ben & Tom as the dissect the Oakville Blobs on tonight’s episode of Will Continue to Monitor. This episode is sponsored by EKO Health.  To find out more about their digital stethoscope, check out www.ekohealth.com and use code JSP for $50 off your order. This episode is sponsored by CBD Stat.  The most powerful CBD product on the market.  THC free.  If you are in healthcare, you can get a 40% discount at www.cbdstat.care/healthcare .  For our listeners that aren’t in healthcare, you can get a 20% discount just for listening to our show by using JSP20 at checkout.  www.cbdstat.care Will Continue To Monitor Social Media Facebook – www.facebook.com/WCTMpodcast Instagram – www.instagram.com/wctmpodcast Twitter – www.twitter.com/wctmpodcast TikTok – www.tiktok.com/wctmpodcast
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