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This is “Will Continue To Monitor” a podcast hosted by Ben & Tom from Just Some Podcast. They will look a creepy cases and mysteries and lay out the facts and then some speculation about the case.

They have experience in emergency medicine, law enforcement, forensics, and emergency preparedness.

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The Missing Sodder Children Part 2 Will Continue To Monitor

December 25, 1945 – Fayetteville, WV.  After going to bed, Jennie Sodder awoke to a phone call followed by her family home being on fire.  Her and her husband and their 4 oldest children were able to escape the home; however, the youngest 5 children were not able to.  The 5 missing children were not located in the debris of the fire.  So what happened to the missing Sodder children?  Join Tom and Ben as the delve into the theories in part 2 of the Missing Sodder Children This episode is sponsored by Eko Health.  Learn more about their digital stethoscopes at www.ekohealth.com and use code JSP for $50 off your order.   This episode is sponsored by CBD Stat.  Learn more about their high quality, THC free CBD oil.  They offer a 40% discount for healthcare workers at www.cbdstat.care/healthcare and for our listeners that aren't in healthcare you can use code JSP20 at checkout for 20% off your order.  www.cbdstat.care Will Continue To Monitor Social Media Facebook – www.facebook.com/WCTMpodcast Instagram – www.instagram.com/wctmpodcast Twitter – www.twitter.com/wctmpodcast TikTok – www.tiktok.com/wctmpodcast
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