Nurse Papa is a brand new podcast from the heart and mind of a pediatric oncology nurse and father. In each episode, I take a deep dive into a story of parenthood and come out on the other side with a greater understanding of what makes kids and their parents tick. In the second half of each episode, I answer a letter from a loyal parent listener about their most pressing parenting problems, in a segment called Dear Nurse Papa.

A Slice of Fatherhood Nurse Papa

In this very special episode, called A Slice Of Fatherhood, Nurse Papa admits to all his listeners the closely held secret that he sometimes goes a bit crazy. Before I had kids of my own, I foolishly considered myself somewhat of an expert in the hearts and minds of children and one uniquely equipped to never lose my cool, but I was ever so wrong. This sad fact came to fruition in a big way one day in a crowded Costco. In the second half of the episode, Nurse Papa helps a pandemic parent figure out how to manage her mixed-age child care situation in a thoughtful segment titled Pandemic Play Dates.
  1. A Slice of Fatherhood
  2. Meta Parenting
  3. Corona, The Virus That Potty-Trained My Son
  4. Momo's Revenge
  5. The Sport of Parenting

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