Nurse Papa is a brand new podcast from the heart and mind of a pediatric oncology nurse and father. In each episode, I take a deep dive into a story of parenthood and come out on the other side with a greater understanding of what makes kids and their parents tick. In the second half of each episode, I answer a letter from a loyal parent listener about their most pressing parenting problems, in a segment called Dear Nurse Papa.

Dear Nurse Papa…Empathy For Toddlers Nurse Papa

In this fun and informative episode of Dear Nurse Papa, I help two woke parents teach their overgrown toddler how to be a bit more empathetic.  Don't forget to vote for my dad bod in the Legendary Dad Bod contest. If I win, I will be donating the funds to help kids with cancer! Remember, Nurse Papa is also a popular book about my experiences as a pediatric nurse and father. It is getting some wonderful reviews from book critics. You can buy it on Amazon and learn more about it at  
  1. Dear Nurse Papa…Empathy For Toddlers
  2. The Long Walk
  3. Don't Feel Like You Have To Fix Everything
  4. Remember What You Have
  5. Nurse Papa the Book Is Here!!

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