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The Conscious Coxswain Buried Pleasures

Have you ever wondered what a Coxswain (pronounced cocks-in) is? The Coxswain is a sailor who actually steers the boat and keeps the crew in line at the same time. This is why author Kristopher Lovestone is the perfect embodiment of the Coxswain. He wrote his book "The Conscious C❤️ck" specifically for heterosexual males that may struggle to experience intimacy and connection.  This is a deep dive into new relationship building waters. Join PollyAnnamazing and Kristopher as you laugh and learn!    
  1. The Conscious Coxswain
  2. Pirate Queen Party
  3. Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson: Extraordinary Lovers Experience
  4. Adopting A New Crew
  5. The Joint Hour With "Long John Lost Loser"

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