Join PollyAnnamazing and her crew and guests as they swashbuckle the seas seeking out knowledge, enlightenment, and always looking to dig up some buried pleasures.

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The Pleasure of Humanity with Jeniji Lake Buried Pleasures

Join PollyAnnamazing and her guest Jenji Lake, founder of nSIGHTn SYNERGY – Inner Transformation and Cognitive Awareness Specialist and and advisor, author, speaker, and friend  as they discuss the pleasure and pain of being a human. At the core of the journey we focus on the basic needs that all humans crave and deserve. So, jump on board and let's see what we can dig up. 
  1. The Pleasure of Humanity with Jeniji Lake
  2. The Pleasure of Partnerships
  3. Sex not Porn with Ricardo Scipio
  4. Sex Education with Christopher Hetzer RN, MSN
  5. Hip Hop & Pleasure

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