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Relationship Based Trauma Talk with Tom Buried Pleasures

Are you ready to discuss the traumatic relationships that we find ourselves in? Are you married or single? Do you find yourself try to make the best of things but it just isn't working? How long do we wait before telling our partners we are unhappy or that we have been traumatized? Do you like to laugh and learn? Please jump on board with PollyAnnamazing and her guest Tom from Just Some Podcast for Advanced Practitioners and Will Continue to Monitor, as they discuss the highs and lows of the traumas we share with the ones we love. 
  1. Relationship Based Trauma Talk with Tom
  2. What's the Balldo with Jeremy Davies
  3. Pleasure with Larry The Bearded Wonder
  4. The Pleasures of The Whisky 7 Project Podcast
  5. Finding Purpose After Trauma & Addiction

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