Join PollyAnnamazing and her crew and guests as they swashbuckle the seas seeking out knowledge, enlightenment, and always looking to dig up some buried pleasures.

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JSP – Buried Pleasure Simulcast PollyAnna Update Buried Pleasures

This is just a short update on PollyAnnAmazing that is being simulcast on Just Some Podcast and Buried Pleasures.  Her family suffered a tragedy and so this explains her brief hiatus and more importantly asks our collective listeners to send positive vibes, prayers, good thoughts, and anything positive through the universe to PollyAnna and her family.  She is an integral part of the team at Just Some Podcast media and we love her being a part of our family.    
  1. JSP – Buried Pleasure Simulcast PollyAnna Update
  2. Laying Down the Law
  3. The Daring Darlene
  4. The Conscious Coxswain
  5. Pirate Queen Party

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